About the Temicha list:

At present, Temicha functions primarily as a google group where people from around the globe are able to share information and provide support and guidance to one another as Orthodox parents of LGBT children. We hope to be able to provide regular in-person meetings in the future.

Joining Temicha:

If you would like to be added to the Temicha list, please send an email to admin@temicha.org and put "temicha" in the subject line.

Things to keep in mind when requesting to join:

We ask that people bear in mind that their email address may reveal their name, and that their email address may be visible to other list members. Parents who are concerned about other list members identifying their real names through their email address (e.g. yaakov.stein@gmail.com) are encouraged to create a new email address specifically for this list.

If you decide to create a new email address for this list DO NOT put your real name where it asks for your first and last name if you wish to remain anonymous. For example, even an anonymous email account such as "temichaparent613@gmail.com" may appear in people's mailboxes as "Yaakov Stein" (for example) if that is what you typed in as your first and last name when creating the email account. 

Before adding members to the list, we ask that they provide us with some information about themselves so that we could determine if this list would meet their needs. You do not have to provide any details that you are not comfortable revealing, only enough for the moderators to get a basic sense why you are interested in joining. This process
helps ensure that this list remains a safe space for all parents to discuss the challenges they face.

We ask that people maintain the confidentiality of all list members. Many members will not want other people to know about their child’s sexual orientation, so we ask that members not share any information about the identity of list members with anyone. In addition, anything said on the list stays on the list, the content of emails is not to be shared with anyone who is not on the list.

While polite disagreements will be entertained, personal attacks on other members of the email list will not be tolerated. It is not permitted to criticize, blame, or otherwise attack other list members.

All posts are kept relevant to the intended purpose of this list, which is to discuss issues related to being Orthodox and a parent of a gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender child. Personal advertisements are not permitted. Likewise, we ask that people try and keep posts to a minimum and limit themselves to no more than 2 emails per day.

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